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Term & Conditions

  • All fencing installations will be performed in a workman like manner and in accordance with professional standards.


  • You, the customer, are responsible for obtaining a fence permit, should one be required.


  • You, the customer, are responsible for locating, staking, and clearing all fence lines.


  • Robell Fence will not locate property boundaries.  We will place the fence where you, the customer, direct us to.  If the fence needs to be relocated, Robell Fence will not in any way assume responsibility for this relocation.


  • Robell Fence notifies Dig Line to mark underground public utilities.  You, the customer, are responsible to have private utilities marked.  Robell Fence will not be held liable for any damage or extra cost of any nature due to underground obstruction, including sprinkler, irrigation and sewer lines.


  • The final billing will be based on the actual footage of fence installed. This bid is based upon approximate footage. The final cost may vary according to the actual product used and labor required to complete the job. Hard soil and digging conditions may increase the price of labor. Any changes on the project must be approved and signed by the customer.


  • All materials will remain the property of Robell Fence until all invoices pertaining to this job are paid in full. Right of access and removal is granted to Robell Fence in the event of nonpayment under the terms of this contract.


  • The customer agrees to pay 50% down before start date and final amount due upon completion of the job.  If the payment is not received or you, the customer, has not contacted Robell Fence for payment arrangements, Robell Fence will send the debt to a collection agency at the customer’s expense.  Robell Fence does hold the right to put a lien on your property until full amount is paid.  A 10% finance charge will be added to your final invoice if the invoice is not paid within 30 days of receipt.


  • Robell Fence offers a 1-year warranty covering our workmanship and installation of your fence. If warranty work needs to be completed, please email to request work to be done.  Warranty work will be added to our current installation schedule.

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